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Advertising & click fraud
Click fraud -- the practice of clicking on a text advertisement served by a search engine for the sole purpose of forcing the advertiser to pay for the click -- is emerging as an important concern for search engine marketers. SearchEngineWatch: Lost Per Click: Search Advertising & Click Fraud

Army of ad clickers
India's secret army of online ad 'clickers'-India Business-Business-The Times of India,curpg-1.cms

Click fraud threatens web
Get in-depth tech news coverage from Wired and read about how it is shaping culture, education, entertainment, communications and technology. Click Fraud Threatens Web,1284,65324,00.html

Click-Fraud War
Just as antivirus and antispam vendors must constantly upgrade their products to detect new kinds of attacks, an escalating battle of software is raging against the scourge of online advertising -- click fraud. New Attacks and Defenses In Click-Fraud War

Fraud stalks advertising
'Click fraud' is a dirty little secret that threatens to undermine the financial success of the paid text ads that appear in many search engines. Fraud Stalks Google and Overture Advertising

Google Fraud
A top Google official said that growing abuse of the company's lucrative sponsored ad-search model jeopardizes the popular Internet search engine's business. Google CFO sounds an alarm - Dec. 2, 2004

Is It Happening to You?
NY Internet World Convention, Lycos Announces New InSite Adbuyer Program, and Click Fraud - Is It Happening to You? NY Internet World Convention, Lycos InSite Adbuyer Program, Click Fraud

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