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Alliance shows latest devices
ZigBee Alliance shows off latest devices - Engadget

Figure 8 Certifies ZigBee
San Diego-based Figure 8 Wireless said yesterday that two of its platforms have been certified by the ZigBee Alliance. The company's software and firmware, combined with low power, low data rate RF ICs from ChipCon AS, enable wireless network monitor Figure 8 Certifies ZigBee Platform | socalTE...

First Platform Certificates
Yesterday the ZigBee Alliance issued its first four certificates of compliance for the global wireless network monitoring and control standard. lang=en-us ZigBee Alliance Issues First Platform Certificates

Making sense of life
I'm guessing that Danish King Harald Blatand said little or nothing about wireless networking during his reign in the 10th century. And that he probably didn't imagine his name would be associated with a 21st century wireless technology. USATODAY.com - Making sense of life without wires

Ondersteuning standaard groeit
De ondersteuning voor de Zigbee-standaard voor 'draadloos USB' groeit. Planet - Ondersteuning Zigbee-standaard groeit

Taking Where the Money Is
While competitors may focus on consumer home controls, Dust Networks plans to use the 802.15.4 wireless technology in commercial settings, which some say is the lucrative place to go. Taking ZigBee Where the Money Is

Two Certified ZigBee Platforms
ChipconFigure 8 Wireless Announce Two Certified ZigBee Platforms :: News :: www.hardwarezone.com®

ZigBee Products in 2005
ZigBee Products to Emerge in 2005 ZigBee Products to Emerge in 2005

ZigBee products shipping soon
Large numbers of ZigBee-based products such as those for building automation will be released by the end of the year, a study says. Embedded.com - ZigBee products shipping soon, study says

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