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(Real) Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean offers an historical look at Piracy. It should not be confused with Disney's theme park attractions or movie. What you will find is information on piracy based on historical accounts and popular myths. Pirates of the Caribbean is the longest lived web page devoted to...

Brethren of the coast
Pirate website of pirates ships,pirate weapons,pirate flags,famous pirates,books,games,etc - with music and images of pirates and piracy, BRETHREN OF THE COAST - Pirate Brotherhood of Buccaneers

Mundo Maya
Mundo Maya online

National Maritime Museum
Throughout history, there have been people willing to rob others transporting goods on the water. Thousands of pirates were active between 1650 and 1720, and these years are sometimes known as a 'Golden Age' of piracy Pirates : Life at sea : Maritime, sea & ships : Fact files : Learning : NMM

Over Piraten en Zeerovers
Verhalen en gedichten van Sabine Luypaert SabineLuypaert.com

Piraten: Expert aan het woord
Arne Zuidhoek: Expert op het gebied van het maritieme geeft inzicht in de geschiedenis van zeeroverij Zuidhoek's zeerovers - Piraten

Pirates Dictionary
Reference: pirate dictionary of nautical terms Pirate Dictionary A-C

Pirates Info
Pirates information, history of piracy and pirates, famous pirates. For pirate fans: piracy and learning about pirates, Pirates Site

Pirates of the Bahamas
Pirates of The Bahamas

Pirates Realm
Pirates, piracy, and fun: pirate weapons, pirate games, pirate talk, pirate ships, famous pirates, pirate history. The Pirate's Realm - Pirates, piracy, and fun: famous pirates, pirate info, pirate games

Pyrate's Providence
Pyrates Providence

Swashbuckler's Cove
A page about the golden age of piracy. Everything about pirates. Historical backgrounds, legends, biographies, treasures, and pictures. Swashbuckler's Cove

Thistles & Pirates
Articles on piracy and privateering Pirates & Privateers: The History of Maritime Piracy - Articles

Wikipedia Info
Piracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yo ho and a bottle of rum
Modern Drunkard Magazine Online

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