statistiek [ wiskunde ]

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Driehoek van Pascal
An exploratory Internet Web unit for elementary, middle school, and high school, with lessons and number pattern studies and links to other sites on the Web. Math Forum: Pascal's Triangle

Electronisch Statistiek boek
This Electronic Statistical Textbook (Statistics Homepage) offers training in the understanding and application of statistics. The material was developed at the StatSoft R&D department based on many years of teaching undergraduate and graduate statistics courses and covers a wide variety of ap...

Intro beschrijvende statistiek
Descriptive Statistics Introduction

Statistiek voor beginners
A simple guide to understanding basic statistics, for journalists and other writers who might not know math. Statistics Help for Journalists

Vereniging voor Statistiek en OR
VVS: Vereniging voor Statistiek en Operations Research Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research Vereniging voor Statistiek en Operationele Research

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