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De energiesite met nieuws en reviews over alternatieve energie, energiebesparing, groene energie, biomassa, windenergie, windmolens, waterkracht, zonnecellen, solar, duurzame energie, emissierechten, kyoto protocol, milieu en innovaties!, Waterkracht is een belangrijke bron van energie. Zo’n ...

Energie zuinig Belgie
Energie-zuinig. be: Alles wat je moet weten over waterkracht

excellent site by Joe Cole
Crossflow Turbine Abstracts

Hydro-Electric Power Chart
World's largest source for information on solar, wind and hydro power, environmental preservation, ecologically sustainable living, global warming, and alternative construction -- since 1978. Real Goods - Learn Everything about hydro turbines & accessories

Hydropower in Africa
Microhydro web portal, the starting point for microhydro related information (by Wim Jonker Klunne) Hydropower 4 Africa

Micro Hydro in the 90s
Micro Hydro power in the nineties. Featured energy article on Elements online environmental magazine! Micro Hydro Power in the Nineties

step-by-step (in German)

Waterkracht @ ask-all
Alles over waterkracht Alles over waterkracht

Waterkracht @ Wikipedia
Waterkracht - Wikipedia

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