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Army Painter Fanatic
The Army Painter deliver products to help you paint models and miniatures quickly and to a stunning level with minimum effort. The revolutionary Quick Shade is every wargamers dream come true. The ARMY-PAINTER

Brushthralls - your online tome of miniature hobby knowledge | Poor Man's Freehand: Doin' It With Decals

Chest of Colors
Your Miniatures Painting Site Chest of Colors :: Your Miniatures Painting Site

Color Theory & Mixing
WetCanvas: ArtsSchool Online: Color Theory & Mixing: 16 Lessons in Color Theory

Cool Mini or Not tutorials
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

hobgoblin miniature painting service

Hot Lead tutorials
Hot Lead Main

Jason Richards
Home Page

Jenova Projects
Jenova Project

Jesters tutorials
Welcome to the Home Of Jester's Miniature Studios!

Mini Painters
Painting Tutorials, Modelling Tutorials, Sculpting Tutorials and Miniature Tutorials - Home - Tutorials

Miniature painting guide & FAQ
Painting guide and FAQ

Online Color Blender
Free online tool for color palette design and matching | Your free online color matching toolbox

Marijn's Homepage

Painting Clinic
Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic

Painting tips & Guides
Painting Tips & Guides

Slapping paint
Slapping Paint, home of a couple miniature painters

Vallejo paints
Acrylicos Vallejo

Verftips van Vince
Vince Mini Painting - Home

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