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Agent orange

Chemische oorlogvoering
An overview of chemicals defined as chemical weapons Chemical Warfare Agents

An overview of the sulfur and nitrogen mustard chemical warfare agents Mustard Agents

CBRNE - Ricin - Ricin is a potent toxin that has potential to be used as an agent of biological warfare and as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). Ricin is widely available, easily produced, and derived from the beans of the castor plant ( Ricinus communis ).In attempting to evaluate and discus...

VX gas
Find out about the science and chemistry of VX Gas (A Nerve Gas, Chemical Weapon, WMD, Weapon of Mass Destruction), see colourful images of VX Gas and explore interactive 3D molecules of VX Gas VX Gas, What is VX Gas? About its Science, Chemistry and Structure

Poison Warfare Gases; Treatment

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