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Between the shadow and the soul
What lies between the shadow and the soul? Death? Immortality? Blood? Poetry? We are a role play board for members but guests are always welcome. Visit Eternity Unmasked where by believing, one sees! Eternity Unmasked's Beyond Forever

Dutch Gothic Messageboard
::Dutch Gothic Messageboard::

Psychic vampires disc. forum
Psychic Vampires Disscussion Forum

Tomb of the vampire
This forum is for discussion on occult and vampiric related issues. If you have something to say, just say it. I know you will get a reply. Tomb of the Vampire

Toybox vampire forum [DU]
Toybox Vampire Forum

Vampire church msb
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Vampire forum
vampire, witch craft, pagan, black magick, myths, werewolves, strange, evil, spells, tales Vamire Forum

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