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Angela Sommer-Bodenburg
Welcome to the world of Angela Sommer-Bodenburg

Anne Rice
Welcome to AnneRice.Com!

Book in the Belfry
Books in the Belfry

E-book Dracula [Eng] - The Online Literature Library

E-Book Dracula's Quest - The Online Literature Library

E-Book hidden knowledge
E-book novel, In the Face of Death, by award-winning fantasy science fiction author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Her character Madelaine de Montalia travels to America in the mid-19Century and lives among Native American tribes, and in the midst of the Civil War. Her affair with General William T...

Elizabeth Miller
Dracula's Homepage

Fred Saberhagen
Books by Fred Saberhagen

Paul van Loon [NED]
De officiële Paul van Loon Website

The Literary Vampire
Everything you need to know about vampires in literature The Literary Vampire

Tisa Pescars
Tisa Pescar - Dark Fantasy

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