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Alien and Paranormal Activity
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Alien Astronomer
Open your mind to the exciting and mysterious worlds of ufology, astronomy and hi-techtop secret projects. Alien Astronomer - Ufology, Astronomy and Hi-TechTop Secret Projects

Alien Contact
ABOVE BLACK - Project Preserve Destiny - Insider Account of Alien Contact and Government Coverup

Alien Encounters
The truth isn't out there - It's Here! Find out the TRUTH about Alien Encounters. Alien Encounters - by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman

Alien Legacy
The Official Video Web Site Alien Legacy

Alien Love Bite
Eve Lorgens' web site dealing with her book, The Love Bite, Alien Interference in Human Relationships. There are many articles by Eve dealing with alien abduction, manipulation and from various contributors. Alien Love Bite by Eve Lorgen

Alien Resistance
Bible perspectives on UFOs, alien abduction, Nephilim, How to Stop Alien Abduction Roswell NM - Alien Resistance HQ, UFO Bible stop alien abduction info

Alien Zoo
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Alien-UK: United Kingdom UFO and alien conspiracy ALIEN-UK: United Kingdom UFO and alien conspiracy

Aliens among us
An indepth site that explores the evidence of alien visitation from ancient times to the present, download video footage, picture gallery, questionnaires, chat rooms, forum, etc... Aliens and UFOs Among Us

Aliens and the Scalpel
angels or aliens? What were people reporting in the bible thousands of years ago?Are aliens really from other worlds? Where is the evidence? RIGHT HERE!!!! CLICK TO ENTER!!!! ALIENS AND THE SCALPEL

Aliens and the unexplainable
A site dedicated to the unexplained and paranormal. A site with in for on Aliens, UFO's, Ghosts, Abduction Stories, Abduction Survey, Forum, Ghosts stories etc.. Aliens & the Unexplainable

Aliens on Earth
Aliens on Earth - Mothership

Aliens on the Moon?
Has Earth been visited by extraterrestrial civilizations sometime in its past? Given a window of opportunity of many millions of years,this may not be as unlikely as it may first seem. This site is dedicated to the examination of strange features on the surface of the Moon, with the possibility...
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Area 51
nasa aliens ufos evidence (the smoking gunthe secret nasa transmisions) area 51

informatie over buitenaardsleven leven, buitenaards, zonnestelsel, jullie, over, planeten, voor, informatie, hebben, mening, andere, leraar, zijn, planeet, maar, ideale, onze, aarde, seti, setstats ...

Extraterrestrial Aliens
UFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens - The truth about the variety of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens. UFO photos, UFO videos, UFO news with UFO pictures, UFO research and UFO sightings. UFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens - UFO videos

Globe in Transit
Globe In Transit

Left at East Gate
Roswell UFO incident

LA Marzulli


Pentagon Space Aliens
Books revealing Nikola Tesla's secret ether physics and flying saucer electric propulsion technology, concealed by government agent UFO huxters disseminating false alien and paranormal propaganda Pentagon Space Aliens

Reptilian Aliens
The worlds first communications site dedicated to the investigation of the reptilian image in UFO phenomena. Facts and innovative concepts. Reptoid Research Center

Beyond Roswell Index

Roswell Convention
Roswell Convention & Civic Center, Roswell, NM (New Mexico) Roswell Convention & Civic Center

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The Organization for SETV Research (OSR), SETV Institute is a nonprofit by Association, educational and scientific organization. The OSR is committed to searching for probes, proxies and craft of suspected ExtraTerrestrial origin which may be visiting the Solar System, or Earth. Using wel...

The Alien Jigsaw
The Alien Jigsaw and The Alien Jigsaw Researcher's Supplement cover UFOs, Alien Abduction, and possible UFO military involvement. Written by Katharina Wilson, these books cover UFOs, Aliens, Abduction, mind control, and possible UFO military involvement. This file produced by Puzzle Publishing

The Truly Dangerous Company
Visual FX, Simulator rides, Pink Five, The Alien Autopsy page, and more, more or less ... The Truly Dangerous Company

UFO's Aliens Homepage
Research UFO Sightings, Cases, Current News, Landings, Crashes, Documents, Products, Government Conspiracy, Cover-up, UFOs and Science, Roswell, Flying Saucers, Extraterrestrial intelligence, SETI, UFO Photographs, Videos, Footage, Physical Trace, USOs, NASA, Apollo, Gemini, Space, Aliens and A...

Welcome to Roswell
The official site of the Roswell, NM Chamber of commerce. Find out visitor, relocation, retirement and business information. Official Site of the Roswell Chamber of Commerce - Home

Zeta Talk
Answers from visitors from Zeta Reticuli, via their Emissary, Nancy Lieder. ZetaTalk

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