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Banking in Japan
Synopsis Hans BrinckmannÂ’s book The Magatama Doodle Living in postwar Japan. Hans Brinckmann's acclaimed autobiography 'The Magatama Doodle'.

Employment in Japan
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How do I find a Job
Finding the job...

Tokyo Connections
Tokyo Connections reviews hundreds of sites and resources related to finding work in Japan. A must-visit site for anyone looking for jobs in Japan. Tokyo Connections: The ultimate guide to jobs in Japan

Tokyo Consulting Services
'Live Auctions Entertainment 345 OSBOURNE OZZY S 2006 BENTLEY FLYING SPUR' Live Auctions Entertainment 345 OSBOURNE OZZY S

Top Money Jobs
The largest job selection of senior financial roles in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Honolulu. We cover hedge fund, investment banking, capital markets, private banking,and asset management jobs. All levels from manager and vice president up to director or managing director Top Money Jobs

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