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BBC: War on Terror
Visit BBC News for up-to-the-minute news, breaking news, video, audio and feature stories. BBC News provides trusted World and UK news as well as local and regional perspectives. Also entertainment, business, science, technology and health news. BBC NEWS | Special Reports | War on Terror

Christian Science Monitor
The September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, as well as the hijacking of United Flight 93, have changed forever the way the United States looks at itself and the world. A Changed World |

Counter terrorism after 9/11
The ISN is a leader in the international relations and security community as a provider of comprehensive, balanced, and timely information. International Relations and Security Network ISN - Dossiers - Terrorism is the leading source for reliable news and security information, directed by John Pike - Reliable Security Information

Jihad or Murder?
The highest quality commentaries and analysis from distinguished voices across the world. Project Syndicate

Mario's Cyberspace Station
This is the site you won't forget to visit again; Marios Cyberspace Station - The Global Intelligence News Portal is the biggest one man's handmade website in Cyberspace with 1600+ web pages of just a click away intelligence news worldwide and a taste of war... Designed, created and maintained ...
11 septembre - Les attentats du 11 septembre 2001 et Al-Qaïda

South Asia Terrorism Portal
The South Asia Terrorism Portal is an indispensable resource for all individuals and institutions the world over that seek information, data, commentary, research, critical assessment and analysis on terrorism, low intensity warfare and sectarian strife in South Asia. The South Asia Terrorism P...

Suicide Terrorism Papers
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Terror Wire
Terror News and analysis on current news, business, finance, economy, sports and more. Searchable news in 35 languages from WorldNews Network and Archive Terror Wire

Terrorism Prevention MIPT
Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT)
Site d'information et d'analyse sur le terrorisme et les terroristes Terrorisme >> Accueil

Terrorismus Wurzeln & Formen
Terrorismus (Friedensratschlag)

The Logic of Suicide Terrorism
The Logic of Suicide Terrorism

The new al-Qaeda uncovered
A BBC TV series investigates the new threat posed by Islamic extremists in the wake of the London and Madrid bombings. BBC NEWS | Programmes | The new al-Qaeda uncovered

The Russia Journal Daily
The Russia Journal | Reporting from Russia

Wereldomroep: Midden-Oosten
Middle East rnw en currentaffairs region middleeast Middle East - Radio Netherlands Worldwide - English

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