agroterrorisme [ terrorisme ]

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Agricultural Biosecurity
CIDRAP >> Agricultural Biosecurity

Agricultural Biowarfare
Agricultural Biowarfare & Bioterrorism

Agricultural Terrorism
Agricultural Terrorism - prevention and preparedness information posted on the MIPT website including reports, fact sheets, articles and links on food safety, bioterrorism, agroterrorism, foot and mouth disease, etc. - Terrorism Information Center Agricultural Terrorism - Terrorism I...

CNS - CBW: Agroterrorism

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Agroterrorism Information Page
Agroterrorism Information Page

Landbouw kwetsbaar
Landbouw kwetsbaar voor bioterreur

What threat, what can be done?
A study by RAND researcher Peter Chalk focuses attention on the issue of agroterrorism—the deliberate introduction of a disease agent, either against livestock or into the food chain, to undermine socioeconomic stability andor generate fear. RAND | Agroterrorism: What Is the Threat and Wh...

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