irish glen of imaal terrier [ terriers ]

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Kennel Fear Fiuntair
Irish Glen of Imaal Terriër Kennel Fear Fiuntair. Irish Glen of Imaal Terriër Kennel Fear Fiuntair.

Kennel Glen of Eden
kennel Glen of Eden Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers Glen of Eden

Liberty's Page
The most informative Glen of Imaal Terrier site including Glen terrier sketches by Irish artist Lousia Nally, links to kennels, photos of important foundation dogs and more. Glen of Imaal Terriers - Liberty's Glen of Imaal Terrier Breeder: Litter and puppies occasionally

Of Megh - Morran
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A page(s) devoted to Glen of Imaal Terriers - a rare breed of dogs from Ireland. Pages include links to other sites, to e-mail subscription page, GlenViews newsletter. Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier home page Powheiri Kennel

The dutch Glen of Imaal site

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