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Applid Psychology Research
Taking Data to Make a Taxonomy. APR Smartlogik Ltd is the leader in ontology-driven classification and search engine enhancement software. Semaphore | Business Process Management Ontology | IPSV | EGMS | Taxonomy - Smartlogic

Ask Jeeves Nederland - De andere zoekmachine

Fast Search
At FAST we find needles in haystacks. In fact, digitally speaking, we find needles in trillions of far-flung haystacks. We help people come to confident decisions by making sure they can find the precise, relevant information they need. Fast. FAST - Enterprise Search

Invention Machine
Invention Machine is the leading provider of Enterprise Innovation Software and Services to the Global 5000. For the past 10 years, we have empowered over 500 Innovation Leaders to unlock the value of their expertise, accelerate time to market, and maximize returns on their technology investments.

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