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Ambasade Somalië in NL
CC & CD boekje (Laatste update: 1-1-0001 12:00 )

Reisadvies Somalie
Nederlands Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken - Reisadvies Somalië,reisadvies_somalie.html

African Studies Center
FW MX DW MX HTML African Studies Center | Somalia Page

Somali Press
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

CIA World Factbook
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Religion Somalia
Somalia - RELIGION

Geschiedenis Somalie
Somalia (history)- The union of British and Italian Somaliland took effect on 1 July 1960, when the independent Somali Republic was proclaimed. Somalia (History) was formed by a merger of two former colonial territories: British Somaliland and Italian somaliland

Geschiedenis Mogadishu
Travel in Mogadishu - Somalia History

Geolinks Somaliland

World Gazetteer
World Gazetteer: population statistics for cities, towns and places World Gazetteer: population of cities and towns of the world