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The Simpsons @ YouTube
Share your videos with friends and family YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Marge's quotes
Marge Simpson Quotes and Quotations

Cletus fansite
Hey Ma!

Miscellaneous, Etc. » homepage of Scott Vivian

Marge biography
Visit these web sites about Marge Simpson for pictures, quotes, and character profiles. Marge Simpson

The Simpsons.....WOOHOO!!
The Simpsons.....WOOHOO!!!!! Best Simpsons Source Site Since Seventeen Seventy-Six. Merchandise! Games! Pics! Chat! Downloads! 3D Homer! Everything! The Simpsons.....WOOHOO!!!!!

Sideshow Bob's Deal
What Is Sideshow Bob's Deal, Anyway?

Simpsons Folder
Highly informative and original fan site, offering carefully selected information about The Simpsons with special photos, drawings, graffities, videos and other intriguing bits of content you won't find elsewhere. The Simpsons Folder

Simpsons das ist die Kultserie mit Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge und Maggie. Auf dieser Seite gibts alles zu den Simpsons! Bilder, Simpsonsmovies, Simpsonssounds und noch viel mehr! - Der Treffpunkt für Simpsonsfans

The Plow King
The Plow King