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Ministerie Van ITC
MITC: Management and Information Systems Division

Château De Feuilles Hôtel
Luxury rooms, suites and villa with beautiful ocean view. An intimate 4 star hotel Relais Chateaux in Seychelles (Praslin Island). Access to the beach. Haut de gamme 4 etoiles, chambres de luxe, acces a la plage. Chateau de Feuilles 4 star Hotel Seychelles. Relais Chateaux haut de gamme : luxe ...

Ministerie LO, Jeugd & Sport
Welcome to the Official Homepage for the Youth of Seychelles. Here, you will find information about young people from the Seychelles Welcome to Seychelles

Seychellen - Wikipedia

a world atlas of facts flags and maps including every continent, country, dependency, exotic destination, island, major city, ocean, province, state & territory on the planet! map of the seychelles and seychelles map and information page

Meteorological Services

EISA Seychelles country profile

Seychelles: History, Geography, Government, and Culture —

Les Seychelles
Photos, petites astuces, pour passer de merveilleuse vacances aux Seychelles. Description des hôtel, Photos, ...nos vacances au paradis... LES SEYCHELLES

Weather hub
Weather links for Seychelles and other countries worldwide includes weather forecasts, weather radar, current weather, weather cams, kid's weather, local information, hurricane, weather maps, news, sports and travel. Seychelles Weather - WeatherHub