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Case of the Day
Serial killer info! A different serial killer case each weekday! Are you interested in serial murder or serial killers ? In mass murderers or spree killers? In crime or criminals? In murders or police and FBI investigations? In psychology or psychological profiling or criminology? You won't wan...

Chamber of Horrors
Madame Tussaud's - Chamber of Horrors

De Groene Amsterdammer
De Groene Amsterdammer

House of Madman
Mayhem's House Of Madmen

Meldpunt Illegale Praktijken
Welkom bij

Modus Operandi
Enter Modus Operandi - Serial Killers

Murder in the U.K.
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

Psycho's R us
A great informational page about historic Psychopaths and Serial Killers containing profiles, pictures, news articles, books, book reviews, interviews, mailing lists. A must see for the PsychoSerial Killer fanatic. Psychos R Us

Serial Murder with Matt
This site is dedicated to true crime education. Serial Murder with Matt

The Worst Killers
Serial killers

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