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De Nederlandse M1 Garand Site
De Nederlandse M1 Garand Site

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M1 Garand
The M1 Garand Rifle was an American companion in three wars. This website is devoted to my experiences with the M1 "Grand". There are sections on History, Maintenance, Detail Stripping and Assembly, Nomenclature, Accessories and more. Civilian Marksmanship Program or CMP section. This...

Mosin Nagant
History, articles, diagrams and take down instructions for the Mosin-Nagant rifle. This site also offers a unique perspective regarding the collecting and preservation of historic military firearms. Home - Russian Mosin Nagant Page & Forums

Walther KSP 200
,,,Walther KSP 200, The un-official homepage of the walther KSP 200. the only website on the net with all the information about this gun! Home - Walther KSP 200

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