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Model 1911 Pistol Discussion Forum. News, reviews, and information for M1911 owners and enthusiasts. - 1911 news, reviews, and more!

Browning Collectors Association
FN, Fabrique Nationale, Browning Collectors Association, Browning, firearms, guns, arms Browning Collectors Association, Fabrique Nationale, FN, and firearms

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Glock Talk
Glock Talk

Gun and Game
Come and join us for at the best firearm and hunting resource! The Friendliest Gun Forum on the Internet - Gun and Game Forums - Hét forum en informatiebron voor luchtschietend Nederland

M1 Garand
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M1 Karabijn
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Mauser K98
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Ruger --- Het forum voor de schietsport :: Index

SIGforum --A discussion forum for SIG enthusiasts
Forum voor wapenliefhebbers

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