verzamelaars (buitenland) [ schelpen ]

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Alboran Shells
Pictures of seashells from the Alboran Sea (Mediterranean) and North West Africa, from Morocco to Guinea including the Canary Islands. SEASHELLS, ALBORAN SHELLS

Bernd Sahlmann

Excelsus shells
Gallery of sea shells, available shells, specimen shells, shell variations, rare shells, freak shells, commercial shells, collector shells, etc

F. Shimada
FS Project

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Frans Slieker
Natural History and Living Chitons

George's Shells
Conchological site, worldwide seashells and landsnail lists with lots of images, live seashells and underwater photos gallery as well and articles about seashells and shelling. George's Seashells & Underwater World


Jacek Glanc
Concha - Jacek Glanc - muszle,radzionków,shellshows,shell,related,galeria Concha - Muszle w kolekcji Jacka Glanca - jacek,glanc,muszle,galeria,shell,related

Luciano Giombini

Markc Agren
Welcome to, "Your Cabinet to the World of MalacologyConchology". We will be pleased to know that you visit our Museum Wing, were we have arranged diverse exhibitions with our most precious specimens, also that you join us in our search for molluscs entering our Travel Li...

Mauro Brunetti
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Mike's Seashell Collection
Mike's Seashell

Molluscan Pictures
Molluscan Pictures is a snail or shell website which host a large image collection of Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian molluscs. Forum, free classifieds, directory, events, search engines, books, shell clubs, shell links, shell dealers, buy and sell, you-name-it. Molluscan Pictures -

Nakano's Homepage in English

Nakasato's World
This site has a searchable mollusks database (over 4700 species), webboards, and a shell shop. 5000Ží—ވȏã‚ÌŠL—ސ}ŠÓAî•ñŒðŠ·,•W–{ŠL‚Ì“X Micro shells Homepage: (”÷¬ŠLƒz[ƒ€ƒy[ƒW)

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Oita Shells
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P.G. Albano
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Peter's Seashells
The new home of Peter's Seashells is Peter's Seashells - Redirect Page

T. Iino

Terumichi Kimura
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Thierry Dandrimont
Le site des cypraea et des coquillages de l'ile Maurice Coquillages de l'Ile Maurice.

Worldwide Collectors
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