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Abysso Med. shells

Acquario Communale Grosseto

Bahamian Seashells
The, Inc Web Site Species List

Checklist Jordan

Checklist New Zealand
Key to New Zealand Molluscs

Chek Jawa
Fact sheet with photos on flora and fauna of Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin Molluscs on Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Taxonomic database on European Marine Mollusca CLEMAM home page

Conchiglie Veneziane
La rassegna completa delle conchiglie reperite sulle spiagge veneziane da due appassionati, corredata di immagini e dati utili alla conoscenza ed alla classificazione. Le conchiglie dei litorali veneziani

Cone Checklist
An Illustrated Checklist of Recent Conidae

Endemic cones of South Africa
Cone page

Eurasia Shells
Welcome to EurasiaShells .NET - An Iconography of Philippine Malacofauna maintained by Emmanuel Guillot de Suduiraut of Mactan, Cebu Philippines with the collaborative efforts of several world-renowed scientifics in conchyliologie and published in the web through the technical assistance of Ch...

Indo-Pacific Molluscan Species
Biotic Database of Indo-Pacific Marine Mollusks


Kongsfjord Mollusca
The picture galery of shells of Mollusca species found off Spitsbergen.The gallery includes pictures of chitons, gastropods and bivalves, also SEM pictures of juvenile forms or shell details. Kongsfjord Mollusca species gallery

M.P. van Veen
Schelpen Determinatietabel Nederlandse Kust

Un lugar para los amantes de los moluscos y coleccionistas de conchas. Malakos

My Cowries Collection

Seashells of New South Wales
Seashells of New South Wales

ecology of tunisian mollusks index.htlm

Western Atlantic Gastropoda DB
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

World Wide Conchology
CONCHOLOGY - The Art and Science of Nature at is a Web site designed for shell collectors with a variety of interests in the hobby and science of conchology, and for anyone who has ever been fascinated with the beauty and diversity of sea and land shells. WORLDWIDE SPECI...

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