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AISlive - Live Ship Info

Amsterdamse haven
Port of Amsterdam

EuReport - Ships in Port
The Eureport website gives information on ships in port in the region Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Bremen and Hamburg. This information is gathered by five companies in ship reporting: BSMD, KVSA, Dirkzwager, S&SS and SMD. They joined forces in an association named International Ship Reporte...

Gent - op/afvaarten
Enigma Homepage

Koninklijke Dirkzwager
Royal Dirkzwager offers a wide range of port related services to local shipping communities. Our services include online real-time validated information, communications, maritime & nautical services and ICT development. Royal Dirkzwager: The Maritime Information & Service Provider

Posities zeeschepen
NOS Teletekst, Pagina 726-01

SailWX Shiptracker
Weather observations and positions of ships at sea

SMD Schiffsmeldedienst Hamburg

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