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EC: Maritime Industry

EU-research maritiem
European Commission - Research: Growth Communication Centre. This website provides news, information and research results and is intended to promote greater openness and understanding among researchers and the general public with regard to the Growth Programme. The Growth Programme's primary ob...

IMC Maritime System Development

ITS Serbian Inst. Sciences
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KIM2 - Maritieme Maakindustrie
Introductie Keten Integratie Maritieme Maakindustrie (KIM2) -

KNVTS Schip van het Jaar
Bevorderen van de ontwikkeling Maritieme Techniek in Nederland Bevordering van innovatie

Marin - research
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Maritime Global Net
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Maritime Simulation Rotterdam
Het Scheepvaart en Transport College, wereldwijd toonaangevend op het gebied van opleidingen in de scheepvaart-, haven- en transportsector. STC-Group

NCC - Corrosiecentrum
KCBI - Kennistransfercentrum Bouw en Industrie: Life Cycle Engineering Oppervlaktetechnologie Risicomanagement Verbindingstechnologie Vezel-Metaal Laminaten. KCBI - Kennistransfercentrum Bouw en Industrie

NSRP - American Research
NSnet provides information about marine industry news and services world wide, as well as products related to research and education. NSnet - Maritime News and Information

Numeriek Centrum Groningen
Central Industry Group (CIG) is a group of companies, internationally providing industrial goods and services to the nautical sector, CIG aims to distinguish itself by offering its own developed high-quality products, tailored to the client's needs Central Industry Group NV

Offshore Technology
The website for the Offshore Oil and Gas industry, with information and news on current projects, products, services and contractors. Offshore Technology

Project energiebesparende luchtgesmeerde schepen
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Schiffahrt und Meerestechnik
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Ships Plans AMERC
Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea™

SkySails - Turn Wind into Profit

SVA Hamburg
Leading edge technology applied in experimental as well as in numerical studies makes the Hamburg Ship Model Basin an ideal partner to solve your problems in marine hydrodynamics and related fields. HSVA - Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt

SVA Potsdam
The Potsdam Model Basin (Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt Potsdam GmbH) with its facilities towing tank and cavitation tunnel is specializing in model tests for ships, propellers and propulsion systems, hull design, propeller design and flow calculation (CFD). Welcome to the Potsdam Model Basin

TNO CLC Lichtgewicht Constructies
TNO - kennis voor zaken - markt

US Naval Institute
The Professional Society of the Sea Services, dedicated to the advancement of professional, literary, and scientific knowledge and the advancement of knowledge of sea power. USNI Official Website - U.S. Naval Institute

VBD - Binnenschiffsbau
Weiterleitung Versuchsanstalt VBD zu DST

VNSI E-business
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VNSI Open Mind
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