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Bug-/Crazyhouse chess engine
Sjeng - chess, audio and misc. software

Chess composition
Chess Composition Microweb is dedicated to chess composition, especially fairy chess and works of Juraj Lörinc. Juraj Lörinc's Chess Composition Microweb

Chess Problem of the day
Everyday you'll find new free chess problems on Bruno's Chess Problem of The Day. Come on and find my free online chess games. I aggregate for you all chess news and offer you GrandMaster PGN games. Discover Bruno's free online chess problems of the day

Chess problems by computer
Chess Problems by Computer

Chess problems unlimited
Chess Problems Unlimited

Chess variant applets
Chess Variant Applets

Daily Chess Puzzle
Daily chess puzzles you can view online or receive by email. Great for all levels of chess players from beginners to grandmasters. Subscription is free. Daily Chess Puzzles and Chess Problems

Echec Artistique
Études échiquéennes

Het Probleem
Schaakvereniging Het Probleem Schaakvereniging Het Probleem - Home

Hyper Chess
Welcome to hyperworld - presenting hyperchess

Ján Golha - Problem chess
Ján Golha - Kompozičný šach - Chess Composition Ján Golha - Kompozičný šach - Chess Composition

Klassieke schaakproblemen's collection of the best chess puzzles by the greatest composers Classic Chess Puzzles |

Mat Plus (problems)
Milan Velimirovic's Chess Problems Home Page; Milan Velimirovic is an International Master for Chess Composition. Milan Velimirovic's Home Page

MateMaster (shareware)
An application for solving chess problems - free download MateMaster Homepage

Problemen Sanderse/Lloyd
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

Schaak varianten
Rules, information, and links for games that are a variant of chess: three-dimensional chess games,multiplayer chess variants, historic chess variants, oriental variants, and many more. Look here also for some programs and a chess font. Home page of The Chess Variant Pages

Solving Chess (problems)
This page is dedicate to solving of chess problems. Solving Chess

The Knight´s Tour
The Knight's Tour

Timman Studies
Jan Timman

Vincent's Chess Problems
chess problems and studies. Chessproblems page

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