openingen algemeen [ schaak ]

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Adam's Chess Openings
Website containing games, programs and word lists for use in Scrabble, Crosswords and other word games as well as Chess puzzles and opening theory. Adam's Homepage

Bucknell openingen
Bucknell Openings Library

Charting Chess
Charting Chess Openings

Chess is fun
Chess is Fun

Chess Publishing
Chess opening theory, latest annotated chess games, featuring top international authors and Grandmasters, all chess openings, over 60 downloadable chess eBooks, opening theory updated monthly. Chess Publishing, The chess opening theory site, our chess Grandmasters analyse the latest development...

ECO codes browser
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ECO codes met zetten
ECO codes Expanded listing of Chess ECO codes (moves included) [Chessopolis]

Exeter openingen
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Gambit Chess
Gambit Chess

Gambiteers Guild
Gambiteers Guild

Opening Explorer
Free, searchable chess game database and community. Chess Opening Explorer

Opening Lanes
Opening Lanes

Opening novelties
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Opening Tricks
Chess tricks. Chess Tricks - Dastardly Tricks and Traps

Unorthodox openings
Scacchi - Il quaderno della teoria

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