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Chess in the movies
Chess In The Cinema

Chess Paintings
Tableaux échecs - Chess Paintings - Schach in der Kunst - Scacchi e Arte - Pintura y ajedrez - schaak kunst Tableaux Échecs - Chess Paintings

Cowderoy's graphics
chess graphics: These pages are devoted to all aspects of chess graphics. Photographs, prints, cartoons, ray tracing, paintings, drawings and much else. Chess Graphics, a collection devoted to all aspects of chess graphics.

Frank Stiefels Cartoons
Viele Schach-Karikaturen des bekannten Grafikers Frank Stiefel Frank Stiefel: Start, die Karikaturen

Gert Jan's Kijk
Gert Jan's Kijk

Historical Images
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Motiefgroep Schaken

Pia Sprong
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Chess commemorated on European postage stamps from the '40s and '50s. Chess on Stamps

Schaken en reclame
Tornado schaakverenging schaken en reclame

Vlaamse Schaakfilatelie
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Relevante rubrieken

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