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Dutch Frequency DB
Welcome at the Dutch Military Aviation Frequency Database

Dutch Mil Research Group
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Frequencies Dutch Airports presents the finest free web hosting on the internet. Our highly experienced staff is here to handle your questions and ensure you have a great experience using our services. We are not kidding when we say you'll probably get better support from our staff than you do from your p...

Frequenties Luchtvaart
Milspotters is de website voor militaire luchtvaart in Nederland. Actueel nieuws, opnames, reportages, gezellig forum en nog heel veel meer! MilSpotters - Militaire vliegtuig spotters

Frequenties Schiphol
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Scramble Magazine can be found on the web. This is THE magazine for aviation spotters and other aircraft enthousiats. Scramble databases can be found online. Aircraft inventories of the United States Air Force, United States Navy, Luftwaffe, Royal Air Force, Aeronautica Militare Italiano, Ejer...

Spotting page Twente
Index van wonink

Stephan's Burgerluchtvaart

Timon's Vliegtuigen Page
a page full of information about airplanes etc. Timon's Aviation World

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