steppe [ savanne ]

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Amdo (Noord Oost Tibet)
Chinaweb - Fotogallerie

Changthang (Tibet)
Chinaweb - Fotogallerie

De steppe
All about the steppe biome, description, global position, climate, and information on specific plants and animals of this biome. Steppe Biome

Foto's van steppen Mongolië
Welcome to Mongolia ! Virtual Mongol Nature

Gegendala steppe
Gegendala Steppe, China Gegendala Steppe

Inner Mongolia
This page is about history, culture, economy and turism of Inner Mongolia. Discovering China: CityScape

Inner Mongolia grasslands
Inner Mongolia

Mongolië zuid. steppen foto's
Chinaweb - Fotogallerie

Mongoolse steppen
Mongolia :: Travel Photos

Patagonia, Argentinië
The Living Edens Patagonia -- Natural History

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