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Croc.hunter (close call clips)
Watch Steve's dangerous moments Animal Planet :: The Crocodile Hunter

Prairie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Overgrazing Mongolia
Gobi Home Page

Tropical savannah plants
Earth Floor: Biomes

Waar je graslanden treft.
WWF - Grasslands

Endangered Wildlife trust
Endangered Wildlife Trust

The Criollo horse
Horse magazine editorial article featuring the Argentine Criollo Horse. The history from the first importation of the Spanish horse to Argentina. Legendary horse of the Gauchos and relative to the Andalusian, Lusitano, Peruvian Paso, Colombian Paso Fino, Spanish Mustang and Other Breeds of Span...

Steppe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

NgoroNgoro Living Edens
PBS Online: Ngorongoro

Alberta (ca) prairie conservation
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