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Rope Masters
Jump Rope Masters - Demonstrations and instructional materials by 7-Time World Champion, Peter Nestler. Jump Rope Masters : Professional Rope Skipping : Peter Nestler : World Champion

Snazzy Steppers
Snazzy Steppers Double Dutch Team

Skippies Bierbeek
Skippies Rope Skipping is een sportclub gevestigd in Bierbeek, België met afdelingen in Oud-Heverlee en Leuven. Skippies - Rope Skipping

ropeskipping kotelugras kotelugro klub Szombathely Banhegyi Adrienn ugrokotel ugrokotelezes Szombathelyi Kotelugro Klub

RSC Rivierenhof
Met Rope Skipping Club Rivierenhof Sint-Godelieve doe je niet zomaar aan touwtje springen, maar leer de knepen van de sport Rope Skipping van de beste rope skippers uit het België. Rope Skipping Club Rivierenhof - Sint-Godelieve

ERSO (Europa)
ERSO - European Rope Skipping Organization - About ERSO

Rebel Ropers
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

Hoppin' Hawks
Hoppin Hawks

Canadian RS Federation
Canadian Rope Skipping Federation

Jumping Jaguars
The JUST JUMP Organization is comprised of over 200 1st - 12th grade youth and parent volunteers. The jump rope club provides a healthy fitness opportunity that focuses on cardiovascular performance, coordination, speed, power and agility as a foundation for future athletic endeavors. Further,...