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A John Frusciante Thing
A site dedicated to the legacy of John Frusciante MORE ~ a john frusciante thing

Frusciante Net
John Frusciante fansite with all you need. Reviews, Articles, Guitar Tabs, Gear, Informations to each song, to each record (Smile From The Streets You Hold, Niandra Lades & Usually Just A T-Shirt) and to projects like Brown Bunny, Ataxia. - the John Frusciante news resource

Janes John Frusciante site
The Days Have Turned...Formerly known as Janes John Frusciante Page. This site is really just a little place to view and share newsimagesfresh information on the Professional life of John Frusciante, Guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and solo artist and has existed since April 2004... ...

John Frusciante Lounge
John Frusciante Fanclub: John Frusciante lounge

John's Room
John Frusciante My Hero

Officiele John Frusciante Site
John Frusciante Website JOHN FRUSCIANTE

Red Hot Frusciante Peppers
Chili John Frusciante and the Red Hot Peppers

Tablature Archive
John Frusciante is the guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, he is also a solo artist in his own right. Here you will find information about the man himself, tablature and lyrics of his music, and also sound samples. John Frusciante Tablature Archive

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