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DJ: Siggy Swap 2oo4 pictures published by beadtex DJ: Siggy Swap 2oo4 pictures from home & garden photos on webshots

Friendship quilts
Friendship quilts signed by dear friends and family. How a signature on a quilt was a precious memory of far away loved ones. Friendship Quilts Memories: Signature Quilt History

Geschiedenis van siggy's
The expansion westward brought on the need for signing quilts and autograph books. It gives me pause each time I remember that westward expansion at that time may be a move to Ohio from Massachusetts! The far western states were still a journey too far for most families to undertake until ...

Signature quilts
In depth quilting and patchwork articles from edited and written by Celia Eddy QuiltStory - Xenia cord on Signature Quilts

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