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Jane Austen

Donald S - Sunday Times
This could be dangerous. Interview: Jasper Gerard meets Donald Sutherland - Times Online,,2092-1773987,00.html

Joe Wright - Times Online
In the popular imagination, there have been countless film adaptations of that all-time classic Pride and Prejudice. A costume drama with muddy hems - Times Online,,14931-1713921,00.html

Donald S - CBS News (Video)
Legendary actor Donald Sutherland visits The Early Show to talk about the big screen adaptation of "Pride & Prejudice," as well as working with Keira Knightley and Brenda Blethyn. Donald Sutherland's 'Pride' , Legendary Actor On New Film, Keira Knightley And Brenda Blethyn - CBS News

Interview Channel 4
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Brenda Blethyn -
Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn may well score another nomination as the matriarch of the Bennet family in the new screen version of Jane AustenÂ’s classic, Pride & Prejudice. Brenda Blethyn Interview - Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice
WIC Biography - Greer Garson

Brenda Blethyn - Film Monthly
Exclusive Brenda BlethynPride & Prejudice Interview by Paul Fischer in Los Angeles

Brenda Blethyn - Dark Horizons
Exclusive Interview - Brenda Blethyn for "Pride and Prejudice"

KK Wavefront
New 2007 Edition includes picture galleries, news, huge forum and keira knightley wiki. keira - The Keira Knightley Website