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Alien Skin
Alien Skin Software is the developer of Eye Candy, Exposure, Xenofex, Image Doctor, and Splat: award-winning filters for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe After Effects and Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Alien Skin Software, LLC

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Auto FX
Auto FX Software is the largest developer of Adobe Photoshop special effects plug-ins for designers and photographers. Auto FX Software

Fantastic Machines
Photoshop Graphic Plugin Filters from Fantastic Machines Photoshop Graphic Plugin Filters from Fantastic Machines

AV Bros.
AV Bros develops high quality and powerful plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts, such as: Jasc PaintShopPro (PSP), Corel PhotoPaint, Macromedia Fireworks, Ulead Photoimpact, Adobe Photoshop Elements and others. AV Bros. also develops scripts for Adobe Photoshop CS. AV Bros - Develo...

Andrews Illustrator Filters
Zigzag plug-in for Illustrator (R). Toolbox plugin for Illustrator (R) to create zigzag designs. The zigzag plugin comes with 60+ different initial designs of zigzag including basic zigzags, extreme zigzags, square zigzags, intricate zigzag designs, sharp sharp edge zigzag designs, flat zigzag ...

Photoshop (R) plugins plug-ins filters for Photoshop (R) and Plugins for Paint Shop Pro (R) Canvas (TM) PhotoImpact (TM) and many others. Zillions of great photoshop (R) plug-in effects. Many volumes (currently 19 volumes) of different themed Photoshop (R) plugins as well as a super bundle ...

Flaming Pear Software

Macintosh and Windows Font Managers and Font Management software for small and large workgroups. Digital Asset Management software for sharing and archiving digital assets in a small workgroup or around the world. Support for Apples Universal Application (Univery Binary) Font Manager - Digital...

NIK Multimedia
Nik software plug-in's voor Photoshop