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Learning Perl/Tk
This tutorial for PerlTk, the extension to Perl for creating graphical user interfaces, shows how to use PerlTk to build graphical, event-driven applications for both Windows and UNIX. Rife with illustrations, it teaches how to implement and configure... -- Online Catalog: Learning...

Mastering Perl/Tk
Mastering PerlTk is the one and only book you need for programming with PerlTk. The first half of the book contains the basics on how to use PerlTk, and then branches out into advanced applications, including extensive program examples. This book ... -- Online Catalog: Mastering PerlTk - better GUIs using Perl and Tk, Perl, Tk, GUI, Tcl, User Interface, Software Design The New

Perl/Tk tools
PerlTk Tools

Perl/Tk Tutorial
On, we are presenting this as part of what we hope will be an ongoing series of articles, titled Source Illustrated. The presentation by Lee and Brett is a wonderfully concise example of showing annotated code and its result. PerlTk Tutorial

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