percussie filmpjes [ percussie ]

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djembe guinee
April 26th, 2006 International Percussion Festival in Bamako, Mali Cote D'Ivoire Performance Clips!!!http:www.rootsyrecords.comindex.htmlRootsy Records is... YouTube - Djembe Guinea part 1

guaguanco on four congas
Another demonstration from Roberto Vizcaino. This time its Guagaunco on four congas. Recorded Summer 2000 in Havana, Cuba.Don't forget to rate!http:www.mys... YouTube - Guaguanco on Four Congas - Roberto Vizcaino

interactive robot drummer
A robot listens and responds to a human drummer, improvising new rhythms. From Georgia Tech's Gil Weinberg and Scott Driscoll. YouTube - Haile, the interactive robot drummer

ook dit is percussie!
these drummers can really drum YouTube - music for an apartment and six drummers

pandeiro players :: Videos > The Masters

pinnacle percussion
Pinnacle Percussion Ensemble's inaugural season, 2006. They are from Mukilteo, Washington. This is their finals performance from their circuit's championship... YouTube - PPE - 2006 - The River

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