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Funny interview
Jimmy Fallon asks her about the Paris Hilton hotel. the X city : How to get into Paris Hilton

Interview with celebactress Paris Hilton about her role in the movie House of Wax, her onscreen strip tease, acting, and what's happening with Nicole Ritchie and The Simple Life. Paris Hilton Interview - Paris Hilton on House of Wax, Simple Life, and Her Strip Tease

Interview door talks to Paris Hilton and has her too-hot-for-TV commercial here. Paris Hilton Interview

NY Rock Interview
I recently watched the harrowing entertainment vehicle called 'The Simple Life' on the Fox network. That night, I had a fitful dream in which I interviewed the show's star, Paris Hilton. In my dream, Hilton's publicist warns me that Paris's IQ is in the 'low teens.' 'Limit your questions to cos...

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