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Belgium's leading orchid nursery specialising in (sub)tropical botanical orchids. We offer a large selection of orchid species to choose from. !! Akerne Orchids - botanical orchid nursery

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Orchid Species Nursery Grown & Collected Petite Plaisance - Orchid Species, Acacallis cyanea, Aërangis articulata, Angraecum distichum, Brassavola cucullata, Brassavola martiana, Brassavola martiana, Brassavola reginae, Bulbophyllum ambrosia, Bulbophyllum caryanum, Bulbophyllum leopardinum...

Orchid Species
the world's largest single reference site on orchid species, how to grow, where they are found, what they are called, when they bloom Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia

Phalaenopsis Orchids
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