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Ari Kaplan's Oracle Tips
Oracle Tips and Answers by Ari Kaplan

G & J Piper Tech Tips
G & J Piper - Index

Oracle MetaLink
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Oracle Revealnet
Dynamic interaction with hundreds of Oracle - PLSQL - DB2 - and SQL Server professionals. Get Oracle - DB2 - PLSQL - and SQL Server advice from experts worlwide. The Pipelines -- Information portal for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server.

Stephen Rea Tips, Tricks, Scripts
Featuring Oracle Database Bulletproofing, Backups, and Disaster Recovery Scenarios, Implementing Data Guard, lots of scripts and routines including e-mailing with attachments, FIELDIN, DELFIELD, FORMTABLES, FORMCALLS, TABINFO, and WHOSON, along with database cloning, SQL tips, and more. Steve ...

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