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door Der Spiegel
Automatische Weiterleitung - einen Moment bitte...,1518,202598,00.html

door eWeek, or OOo, as it has become known, is a freely available, open-source office productivity suite that delivers enough functionality and Office file format compatibility to make it a compelling replacement for the Microsoft suite and a good option for Linux and Solaris users. However...,3959,5398,00.asp

door LinuxPlanet
After all of the hooplah of reaching 1.0 one week ago, how does actually perform when compared with its StarOffice sibling and the ubiquitous (for now) Microsoft Office suite? Long-time StarOffice user Rob Reilly took 1.0 out for a spin over the last week and submi...

door OSNews informs you about the latest news on a vast range of operating systems, from the well-known mainstream OSes, down to small embedded (but also very interesting technically) ones. 1.0 Review - Review your Options -

door Washington Post
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