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Enza: nee tegen Microsoft
Latest news from New Zealand and around the World. The NZ Herald provides multimedia news coverage, opinion and reader comment on: Local, World, Business, Sport, Technology, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Property, Jobs and Motoring - New Zealand Herald NZ Herald - The Latest New Zealand, World, Bus...

Finse stad op Linux ?
Finnish city closer to switch from Windows to Linux | The Register

Houston: geen MsOffice meer
Houston: We have a problem with Office | The Texas city is phasing out Microsoft's productivity software in favor of Web-based applications from a local start-up. | January 23, 2003, 3:30 PM PT | David Becker Houston: We have a problem with Office | CNET

Noorwegen stopt contract
Norwegian gov ditches contract with Microsoft | The Register

Opensource bij Amerik. marine
-By Grant Gross - The Naval Oceanographic Office already uses Linux and other Open Source tools for a variety of functions, and it could use them even more after it receives recommendations from the Open-Source Software Institute, due out by the end of the year. :: Study: Open So...

Opensource in Rusland
- By Bruce Tober - If the Cold War Soviet mindset was known for nothing else, it was known for secrecy. Today's Russian government also seems set on maintaining as much secrecy as possible, at least about its IT infrastructure. This isn't surprising considering Russian President Vladimir...

Overstap Homeland Security
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Unilever op Linux
Webwereld: altijd het laatste ict-nieuws Webwereld | Unilever stapt over op Linux

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