cultuur [ ontwikkelingssamenwerking ]

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African Colours
Africancolours, Your guide to contemporary African art Africancolours: your guide to contemporary African art

De Kracht van Cultuur
De Kracht van Cultuur

Gate Foundation
GATE Foundation

Hivos Cultuur Fonds
Hivos Online, Humanistisch Instituut voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking

Hivos NCDO cultuurfonds
Content Management System Projecten 2007 Hivos-NCDO Cultuurfonds - HivosNcdoCultuurfonds

Prins Claus Fonds
Prince Claus Fund

Realtime Innertime
Real Time − Inner Time is an online event, a continuous burst of works of Art. RT-IT will tick like a timer and bring forth colours, images, words, statements.... Every 'second', 'minute', 'hour', 'day', 'month', year in, year out. RT-IT Welcome page

Theatre Embassy
The Theatre Embassy (TE) is a young International Theatre organisation. It's aim is to develop and implement international theatre-projects. It's based in Amsterdam and the two ambossadors are: Berith and Fre Intro Theatre Embassy

Virtual Museum of African Art
De Museumserver - Dutch museums on the Internet. With virtual exhibitions, branche organisations, discussion page and links to museums worldwide. De Museumserver

Wereld Muziek Theater Festival
Wereld Muziektheater Festival - World Music Theatre Festival

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