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Dahka Newfoundlands
Yahka Newfoundland Dog Breeder located in Bewdley, Ontario, Canada

Elevage Pattes Douces
Welcome to ELEVAGE PATTES DOUCES - Hosted by 411 Web - chien, CHIEN, dog, DOG, dog breeder, DOG BREEDER, elevage, ELEVAGE, elevage pattes douces, ELEVAGE PATTES DOUCES, eleveur, ELEVEUR, kennel, KENNEL, landseer, LANDSEER, newfoundland, NEWFOUNDLAND, newfoundland breeder, NEWFOUNDLAND BREEDER...

Malstarr Reg'd

Marcarpents Kennels
Marcarpents Kennels aka Nina's Newfies - top breeder of champion Newfoundland dogs. Website by Proud Productions Welcome to Marcarpents Kennels - top breeders of Newfoundland Dogs

Moonfleet Kennel
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

Tiptop Newfoundlands
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

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