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Amanda Young Foundation
The Amanda Young Foundation was established in March 1998, after the tragic death of Amanda Young from meningococcal septicaemia at the tender age of 18 years. The Foundation has been established to highlight the need for greater awareness and understanding of our individual roles in public hea...

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DBMD - General Information
Disease Listing, Meningococcal Disease, General Info | CDC Bacterial, Mycotic Diseases

Polymorphisms in genes encoding Fc

Meningokokken-prik grootste actie ooit - Voor meer dan babies alleen -

Kinderziekten (kinderen)

Medinfo's patient information on meningitis, an infection of the covering layers of the brain (meninges). Meningitis can be caused by various sorts of infection, with a virus, with a bacterium, and even with fungi. Medinfo: Meningitis

Meningitis info Canada
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Meningitis Info New Zealand
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Meningitis Trust
Meningitis Learning

Meninitis Info USA
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Nonja Drost
Toen met de ambulance naar het ziekenhuis in Beaune, wij er met de auto achteraan Nonja Drost, meningitis in frankrijk

NY State info
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Infectieziekten Bulletin 14.01 2003 Meningitis cerevro-spinalis

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