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De achtergrond van het nummer
HyperRust: Sample and Hold - The Rust News Beat

Hier gaat 't over
Fahrenheit 911 village voice > film > Fahrenheit 911 by J. Hoberman

Kritische recensie van Lets Roll
Neither Neil Young's nor Paul McCartney's Sept. 11 tribute songs packs the power to resonate with its audience. By Flak Magazine. Flak Magazine: Why Let's Roll Doesn't Rock, 01-15-02

Neil en Fahrenheit 9/11
Neil Young's Rockin' in the Free World, which plays over the closing credits of Fahrenheit 911, will be re-released, Daily Variety said Thursday 'Fahrenheit' prompts Neil Young re-release

Neil over 11 september
America's Best Political Newsletter. Ballinger and Marsh: Neil Young Supports Shredding Constitution

Neil over George Bush
'Will I be deported?' | | Guardian Unlimited Arts,11710,960988,00.html

Over de film
He didn't call it "J'Accuse!" but he might as well have. 'Fahrenheit 911' - MOVIE REVIEW - Los Angeles Times -,0,4515683.story

Overzicht van Neil en politiek
Article | The American Prospect

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