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Andrea Kutsch (MR Duitsland)
Monty Roberts Learning Center

Anna Kerckhoff MR Portugal
The objective and focus of Horsemanship Portugal is to help enhancing the relations between humans and horses, based on communication and trust ­ in absence of force or violence. Certified Monty Roberts¹ instructor Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi offers a variety of horsemanship courses. horsemanship-...

Johan Hofmans (MR, Frankrijk)
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Kelly Marks (MR GB)
Kelly Marks has the highest recommendation from 'Real Life Horse Whisperer' Monty Roberts. Horses and people benefit from her Natural Horsemanship courses and demonstrations. Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks - Intelligent Horsemanship from Kelly Marks and 'Horse Whisperer' Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts (NL)
Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts(USA)
The Man Who Listens to Horses uses gentle horse training methods called Join-Up®, based on the horse’s natural language he calls Equus. Monty Roberts Join Up, Man Who Listens to Horses, Real Horse Whisperer, Books, Biography, Train, Demonstrations, Flag is Up

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