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Steinway Center Nederland
Steinway Center Nederland

Joris Potvlieghe Nederlandstalige versie

Flute headjoints and modifications for people with shoulder or back problems, RSI or other health problems. Play without pain thanks to the wonderfully comfortable and ergonomic flute headjoinmts of Flutelab. Flutelab Home Page

B.H. Bell
Custom built bassoons, as well as reed profilers and bocals, created by Ben Bell. B.H. Bell Bassoons

Luc Verhoeven
Luc Verhoeven - Traversos

Engelse Fluitbouwers
A complete online guide to the Irish-style wooden flute A Guide to the Irish Flute : Directory of Flute Makers

DeSmet Guitars
Peter de Smet hand crafted guitars

Jan Zonjee
Over Jan Zonjee Gitaren


Kawai – The World's Most Advanced Piano