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Get AIM Pro - a free business instant messaging service for the workplace. Use AIM Pro to set up online meetings and voice conferencing. AIM Pro - AIM

Informative provides interactive online tools that identify top customer priorities and form brand communities. Informative provides interactive market solutions that engage customers and identify their top priorities. Listen without prejudice. Act with precision.

Express Communicator
ACD Systems International Online Store - Welcome

Instant Messaging Security, Compliance, Management – Web Security – Skype Control

Flash Message

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Integrity Messenger
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Lotus Instant Messaging
IBM Lotus Sametime provides enterprise instant messaging and web conferencing for corporate users. Lotus Sametime provides anytime access to people through three concepts: presence awareness, enterprise instant messaging and Web conferencing. IBM enterprise instant messaging and web conferenci...

noteNOW: Instant Network Messaging

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Post-@ Communicator

Secure Shuttle homepage is your gateway to SST world of security. SST is the World's leading secure instant messenger. Visit to download it for free. The freeware version is a fully functional secure instant messenger with advanced features. The Enterprise version provides ...

Softros Messenger
LAN Messenger, Secure Chat - Instant messaging software (IM).

Sonork is a secure enterprise instant messaging suite for businesses and organizations based on the advanced localization, presence detection, and data transfer features of the Sonork server engine, and is also ideal for educational use and for companies needing to comply with HIPAA and SEC reg...

VyPress Messenger
The creators of instant messaging and real-time chatting software for the network or intranet environment. IF you need fast, high-privacy messaging (instead standard WinPopup) then you must try our software! VyPRESS Research: Instant messaging software for LANs (instead WinPopup) and business ...

Simple, smart and very convenient program, fully compatible with standard WinPopup, having a very similar interface, but without all the drawbacks and with emoticons, links, etc. Compatible with any Windows version - from 95 to XP! WinMessenger - Easy to use WinPopup and Net Send replacement t...

WiredRed e/pop
Web, VoIP and video conferencing, online meeting and secure messaging from the leader in real-time communications software. Online Meeting Software, Web Conferencing Software, Video Conferencing

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